The East Diary
by abbyll chronicles
Week 1
 (Also featured in The Atlas Magzine here on page 129!)
Day 1: It´s always sunny in the sky. I never thought about it until today.
The only thing I know is grey.
 The blue of the sky looks like blended aquarell color. Not really surprising.
But what I really like is the reflection of water.
It´s not harshly reflecting like a mirror. It´s rather matte, like a piece of brushed metal.
 Day 2: I thought i knew the east. But I was wrong.
I lived too many years in the west to judge if it is good or not.
 Sitting there and seeing nothing but dust. Dust & Stones.
And not meant in a metaphorical way.


Day 4:  Only waiting for the night. We drove 30 km…
Day 5: What I waited for.
Day 6: Walking in the desert is not as heartbreaking
as seeing dust and broken glass where you had your memories.
I dont mean it in a poetic and metaphoric way.


Day 7:  It´s deadly silent in the fields.
 And I saw this cat snapping a birds neck
and eating right in front of my eyes. I don´t even have a photo proof.
 What a shame.


 I found sth to play with


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