Purgatory Con 2015
6.615/7.6.15 Düsseldorf
 Post #100

 Exclusive Titlephoto for my friends, 
which is super symbolic and totally fitting to this con:


The most memorable events:
I dropped a gun in front of Misha Fucking Collins feet. Yes that was me.
I had an Outfit change from female God Castiel to Human Impala in 30 MINUTES.
(i will never EVER do an outfit change again)
Kim Rhodes perfect bitch-face.
The Karaoke Party.
I gave my photo with Misha Collins to Osric Chau. 
He thought it was on purpose. Of Course it WASNT.
The Karaoke Party.
The Guests.
Oh Did I mention? THE KARAOKE PARTY!!?!

me: before & after

most memorable events:
 I was Rowena
The Good Morning Vietnam Battle 
Kim´s Birthday.
The Costume Contest!!!
 ( I had a blackout I only remember beeing a total bitch mother
 and throwing my hexbag at someone) 
My People + The Blue Wall
Travis & The Bar:
The Call me Lady Gaga Story.
Good that he probably doesnt remember that.

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