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Omg, i have to tell a you a lot of things happend in the last 2-3 weeks. It´s insane.
1. I uploaded my first videos on youtube!

See more here on youtube: Abbyll’s Channel

2. I love my Nikon D80. Yeah you read right! I love it. It´s georgeous. I found out how i can make incredible photos: a.take a grey backround ( i use a piece of tissue(?) and b. always use a mirror for the flashlight. And a+b= incredible.
Test photos coming soon on my DeviantART: Pretty-much-insanity

3. Team VenetianPrincess

4. After seen many parodies of Twilight i decided to make my own. I wrote the script yesterday at 2 pm.Problem: the visualisation. I only need a camera, damn it! And another person who want to act with me.But i´m ready, it´s all processing. Twilight parody I´m coming

5. „I kissed a girl“ parody, it´s quite funny. I will record it in the next days.
But again the problem with the camera.Doesn´t matter i have time.

OK i think that enough for today.
Have a nice day, Abbyll

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