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“You can’t burn something that’s already lit.”
But you can fight fire with fire….
The phoenix and the pelican were friends. They used to sit on trees right side by side. When the pelican was sitting in his nest watching out for its family the phoenix flew out everyday to see the world. Every night the phoenix came back and said “I only return to tell you of the world you failed to see.”
This went on for a long time. The Pelicans family grew stronger and stronger while the Phoenix got tired more and more everyday. With every ongoing day the phoenix became weaker. One day it’s feathers began to burn bit by bit. He was exasperated and resentful until the fire took over all of his being.
“I told you of the world but you never learned how to fly.” said the phoenix. “I’m burning.”
“I never sat in my nest when you were away. Coming back made you weak.” the pelican responded. “There was already a fire inside of you. Those who burn can’t be lit on fire , said the pelican to the phoenix. “pain is pain’s medicine.”
And the phoenix lit up in raging and fiery flames and it’s ashes fell under the tree of fire.

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