It was about time…

When I started photography it was around 2008. Platforms I regulary used that time were deviantart and flickr (I still have those…they somehow ended up in the dusty fields of the internet ) But I also thought, YES. I need a blog to write about my life and sucess and failures. And to upload a few photos. (In retrospect I don´t know what I tried to achieve with that)  but after a long long time my blog came in handy when when I started to photograph in series. And at conventions.

I admit, I am terrible at posting things on a regular basis, but when I do I want them to look good. And that´s the reason I struggled staying with blogger. My friend SCHÖNWILD told me so many many times to try out wordpress. I just didn´t listen to her. I liked blogger. But now that I finally had a portfolio website ABBYLL.COM (relaunch also VERY SOON) and it didn´t work the way I wanted it to work I finally changed the provider and saw the option of using a wordpress based site.

Best decision EVER.

Before I speak highly of it, we will see how I can handle this…but I am pretty sure we will be good friends. I should start publishing posts with a little different content. Deffinitiely about photography, but just a litlle different. I mean I need to test things out, distribute my work, show a little bit more of INSANITY  😉

This should work out.  Until then feel free to scroll on my INSTRAGRAM feed…


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